Onboard Faster & More Effectively
than ever before with
Digital Clipboard.
Onboard Clients
Faster & more Effectively
than ever before
With $1 Trillion in wealth transferring between generations each year, client onboarding is as important as ever.
Clients expect the latest technology to make onboarding efficient an add value.
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Pre-meeting Engagement
With Mobile Ready Forms
Start building your client relationships even before the first meeting. Mobile engagement helps you connect with clients at a time and place that suits them.
Digital Handwritting
Digital clipboards stylus first approach uses handwriting recognition to help you maintain client contact while capturing notes.
Identity verification for AML compliance
Digital clipboard in build scanners capture passport and drivers license details. The system integrates with leading 3rd party AML verification services.
Drive efficiency with reduced Administration
We streamline your back office by connecting directly to your CRM. We integrate with leading CRM providers and technology vendors.
Managing Director,
Weald Wealth Management
We've wanted something like this for sometime. The app has really helped us save costs and improve our client engagement experience.
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